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    Hello Syahir,

    1 How can i control the secundary menu(s) (diplayed in the second nav bar) e.g. by a certain page frm the main menu. Examp page A opens the sec. menu showing the tabs: Aa, Ab en Ac to open the relevant pages.

    2 Are there bookmarks available to navigate in a long page and

    3 Can tables be integrated in a page??

    Up to now my website is perfect

    Thanks in advance



    Just some ideas:

    1. No comment.

    2. Standard 10 posts in WordPress can be wery long. I wanted a link in footer that beam You to the top:

    Goes in Child theme’s functions.php file: (Here at end of file)

    function graphene_scroll_to_top(){ ?>
    <p id="scroll-to-top"><a href="#">- Scroll til top af side -</a></p>
    add_action('graphene_developer', 'graphene_scroll_to_top');

    3. Tables in WordPress editor plugin: MCE Table Buttons




    Hello Kim,

    i found that the plugin:TinyMCEadvancer offers extensions on the standard editor for tables and named anchors etc. Great feature!!!!


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