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    Hello Kellydb en Syahir, this is working for the moment. Does this fix comes in a future theme update?? as wel as the language nl_NL.po/mo for the dashboard see

    Regards Henk

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    Hallo Stevivor, I have the same nasty problem after uodating Graphene. This has to be solved because almost all my pges are wrong. see Are there any simple solutions (go around) to buid up a page with images?

    Regards Henk Stoop

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    Hello Syahr, thank you for the quick response. The language nl_NL translation file was the problem indeed. After uploading it works fine. Every one is happy now and appreciate your nice template. see My work as a docent will promote WorkPress with standard Graphene template.

    Regards Henk Stoop

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