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    I think that goes far to a mobile-webpage, This is more like apps-kind of stuff

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    mastermilllo, thanks for your share, I’m gonna try this up 🙂

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    Usually it takes 24 to 48 hours to answer your issue,nonetheless Syahir, used to reply earlier.

    Except your post doesn’t require any response.

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    and if possible an image to show what do you want to achieve because is a little bit confussing to me your explanation.

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    Its just a Css Issue, could you post a link to your site?

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    I add it from the wordpress editor, but insted of using any cropped image, I use the fullsize image that in desktop theme looks fine and so does in mobile theme; Nonetheless, when you are browsing in 3G or anyother not-wifi connection, it takes some time to load the Image, for this Im assuming its ussing the fullRes Image.

    You are right with timthumb, In the last months malware was detected in a lot of wordpress instalations because of timthumb, but should be great for exaple when the theme detects that a fullsize(high-res) image is in a post, the theme should be able to load anyother cropped image(that has been already created by WordPress).

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    If I’m not wrong you can accomplish this with writting a custom excerpt*, to do that add a new post or edit an existing one then at the top right of the screen you will see: “Screen Options” click there and then mark the Excerpt* option, with this you will activate the manual excerpt*, where you can write whattever you want that will replace the autogenerated Excerpt*.

    Please comment your results.

    *Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme.

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    Add simple captcha to your comments, I used to have the same issue but with capcha all is ok now

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    You are doing a really good job, with your mobile theme.

    Btw, escuse me for the question, but are you a WordPress Programmer? or more a design person?

    I’m looking for someone that helps me with plugin Mods (payed Help) are you available?

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    Theorically the only thing that you have to do is choose it ase featured Image:

    On the post editor, at the right column click on Set Featured Image, then select your image (from your pc or Media library). After that at the bottom of the frame choose: “Use as featured image” this could be tricky since you always use Insert into Post buton, but don’t use it this time, press “Use as featured image” (next to the Insert into Post button), then Save all changes and Update or Publish your post.

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