Setting picture in Panes

  • JesseGolomb


    If you look at my website (, you can see that I have panes set up. How do I choose which picture shows up above the excerpt and title?



    Is it the featured image? If so, I’m having trouble setting it. When I hit the ‘set featured image’ button on the ‘add post’ page, it simply adds the desired picture to the post



    Theorically the only thing that you have to do is choose it ase featured Image:

    On the post editor, at the right column click on Set Featured Image, then select your image (from your pc or Media library). After that at the bottom of the frame choose: “Use as featured image” this could be tricky since you always use Insert into Post buton, but don’t use it this time, press “Use as featured image” (next to the Insert into Post button), then Save all changes and Update or Publish your post.

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