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    How can I chose the text in the slider rather then Graphene just taking all the text from headlines and links and all. I want to choose a specific part of the text that displays on the slider on the frontpage. Or if thats not possible I want to display a text from a text file or something else. but the link must go to the original page.

    I hope this question isn’t to confusing. Thanks!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Not too confusing. The slider automatically pulls text from the excerpt (php: the_excerpt()), so the only real way to control the text in the slider would be to put that at the beginning of your post and then add the “more” tag in the visual editor, or else WP would just use the default excerpt length. This isn’t really what you want, I know, but at least you can control the length of the excerpt.

    What you are really looking for is called a “pull quote” in the publishing industry. There may be a plugin that would allow you to do that. You can always search the Codex.




    If I’m not wrong you can accomplish this with writting a custom excerpt*, to do that add a new post or edit an existing one then at the top right of the screen you will see: “Screen Options” click there and then mark the Excerpt* option, with this you will activate the manual excerpt*, where you can write whattever you want that will replace the autogenerated Excerpt*.

    Please comment your results.

    *Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme.



    WordPress does not offer custom page excerpts, only posts. There are a couple of plugins which will enable the excerpt meta field in the Page editor. I am using this one: (You can look up ‘Page Excerpt’ in the plugins admin). It will let you control exactly what appears in the slider excerpt.

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