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    Thanks Prasanna

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    Finally took me a week but were finally there….

    Thanks Guys

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    Have gone into the page that has been designated as the blog page “news” and changed template to one colulm no sidebar. However when i click on the news page in navigation bar it still shows right hand side widget?

    Am I missing something? Thanks

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    Changed theme to TwentyEleven and problem still persists? However have disabled all plugins and still persists. Anything you could recommend would be appreciated?

    Been trying to resolve for 3 Hours 🙁

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    YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER. My heart has started again 🙂

    Luko, any idea why that happened? Plugin was installed successfully however I could see the PHP through the top of website? Then when I refreshed page. Lost everything. Little confused?


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    Tried that however didnt work? Sorry Syahir.

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    Sorry Ken, can you give me a little more direction. My knowledge is growing however little confused what to do next?

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    Thanks mate.

    Im trying to learn I am. Is there a book / or course that you could recommend of where I can learn website coding for word press.

    Thanks mate

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    Thanks. I also would like to do the same for the homepanes Not the read only links at they have been redirected to correct page, but for the images only.

    I made up the following code (trying to learn), but didnt work.

    .homepage_pane_image .permalink-overlay {
    display: none;


    Could you please point me in right direction.


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    Hi mate.

    I have no code in child php file. Only above code copied and pasted.

    However problem resolved by custom <head> tags in Graphene Options –> Advanced.


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