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    HI Guys

    Appreciate this is not a wordpress forum however I have tried every other avenue so before I start website from scratch. Looking for a workaround.

    Last night was trying to back up my graphene theme when I go in a bit of a pickle. For some reason when I now try and log into my wordpress admin under http://www.integratedselfprotection.com/wp-admin

    It reverts to a to



    The webpage I am seeing under my url http://www.integratedselfprotection.com is a very old test starting site that

    once sat in a temporary dev folder (This folder I deleted last night in an attempt to recover).

    I looks like I have got my files in a bit of a mess as I can still see recent files on the server, but don’t know

    how to rectify.

    Please could anyone assist as this over a year of work lost.

    Thanks Mark



    Contact your hosting service provider. They probably can help you out with scripts with issues and such. Do you have access to the backend of the site (eg cPanel)?





    Finally took me a week but were finally there….

    Thanks Guys

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