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    No, I do not have enough in-depth expertise to help with that.

    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It defines how the pages appear. It is a standard web language and you will encounter it with any theme.

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    You want another tab on the nav menu? Adding a page creates a tab. You can see where I added the contact, weaving process and about pages. I did not do anything special, the theme automatically added them to the nav menu.

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    Are you using your own header image? You want another image on top of that?

    I would just photoshop them together into one image, then turn off the text in the header section of the dashboard.

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    If you want all posts to show full page width there is no need to do any coding. In the Dashboard under Graphene theme options, select the display tab, then choose column options.

    But, I see you probably do not want to lose all of the sidebar. So, that will not work for you.

    Sorry, I can’t tell you where to find the place to make the change. But, I will make one comment from a readability perspective. I am not fond of sites that make the text run the full width of the screen. I find it tiring to try to read lines of text that are that wide. I usually try to narrow the width of the display in hopes that the screen is a flexible width.

    Your site looks very nice.

    Good luck.

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    Look in the style.css … search for the word “gradient”. That will show you all of the places where the colors need to be changed. Make your change in a child-theme.

    If you don’t know how to do a child theme, search here there are a lot of posts on the subject.

    Good luck.

    Dave, I looked at your site in Firefox and IE7 and certainly see what you mean.

    There is some code in the CSS that is specific to IE. Sorry but, I am not a CSS expert, but I did find some IE specific code in the section for the slider border. Maybe that will help you narrow it down.

    Good luck.

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    It looks, to me, like your header for that widget is too long and is wrapping. Try shortening that header to see if that works. Cancer, Katrina, Homeless Support

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    The archive box and meta box are managed through the Dashboard, under themes and widgets. They are side widgets bar widgets.

    I am not sure about the “home” text question.

    That is what I was talking about earlier. 🙂 Sorry you missed what I said.

    I’m glad you are a happy doofus. 🙂

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