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    With my prior theme I edited the WP Menu to have a “Home” link and also a “About'” link which took the user outside of WordPress. The Menu for this still exists in my WP settings as the Header menu but it is apparently ignored by the Graphene theme.

    Is there a way to add an “About” link next to the “Home link in this theme?



    You want another tab on the nav menu? Adding a page creates a tab. You can see where I added the contact, weaving process and about pages. I did not do anything special, the theme automatically added them to the nav menu.



    Thanks for the reply. I am trying to do something a bit different. The “page” I want to link to is not in WordPress and links to a different place. That was not a problem with my prior theme as I could just use the Menu feature of WordPress.

    If I can’t do what I want I’ll have to hack together a page just of the purpose of linking off the blog (livable but inconvenient for me and users).



    You can build menu with links here:




    Hi Kim. That’s what I have done. But it doesn’t show up. Specifically in the WP admin I have 1 menu named “Header” which has two items: a Home and an About. Home shows up but About doesn’t. About has a URL entered (not to WordPress) as well as a Navigation Label of “About”. The TItle Attribute is empty.

    This is the same menu I used with my prior theme and it worked so I’m not sure what’s wrong.



    Then You have to choose where to show the menu.

    The Theme has 2 menues locations, I think header menu is where to show Your menu 🙂

    Another new WordPress feature in menu page top right corner, try show screen settings..




    Thanks Kim, that is what I missed: I needed to set the location after switching themes 🙂



    Hi Ron

    You are welcome 🙂

    Have You made a Child Theme? If not please read first post here:


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