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    Hello everybody. 🙂

    I have taken a print screen copy of my homepage, so it would be easier to explain. 🙂

    Well, at my frontpage there is a text that says “home” and it has something to do with the menu button, because when I change the text on the menu button the “home” text below changes too.

    And the other problem is, how do I delete the archive box and the meta box???

    I hope somebody inhere can help me. Sorry for my “not perfect” english. 🙂

    Copy of my homepage:



    The archive box and meta box are managed through the Dashboard, under themes and widgets. They are side widgets bar widgets.

    I am not sure about the “home” text question.



    You can use the build-in WordPress menu system:

    Then Create & (re)name the mainmenu to Your liking 🙂

    The Widgets to the right is controlled here:





    Ok everybody, thanks a lot. 🙂 I managed to delete the archive box and meta.

    I use the build in menu. Now all my text are under each other and visible.

    I want a simple frontpage with a slider. Is there any videos to this slider theme, that show how we are going to build up a page from start?



    The Graphene theme slider excerpts and the excerpts of the latest post(s) appearing on the front page of my website,, invariably pick up a portion of the html code added to the beginning of each post to cause a vertical scroll bar to appear in pages other than the front page. The html code that’s picked up looks very much like garbage (sandwiched between the names of the authors and the beginning of each article). How can I solve this problem without having to give up the vertical scroll bar html code? Also, how can I modify the vertical scroll bar html code such that the content is a bit narrower than, and therefore is not flush with, the red border?

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