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    Hi, i wish i put a image instead of header text, how to ? 🙁

    thank ya!



    Are you using your own header image? You want another image on top of that?

    I would just photoshop them together into one image, then turn off the text in the header section of the dashboard.



    it seems the best way if i can’t remove text and put image instead, i like that on the text there’s the link to Home Page and i wish i hold this function but by clicking image. Any idea?



    No, I do not have enough in-depth expertise to help with that.



    You can use any image as header image (Best 960x198px)

    Option dont show text at same place.

    Then look at these Theme options: Link header to frontpage:

    http://www.yoursite.xxx /wp-admin/themes.php?page=graphene_options&tab=display

    Please, why not supply URL to the site when You ask for help.


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