Problem with IE ver 6 and 7 – Page doesn't display properly

  • Dave S



    Slider images aren’t lined up correctly.

    Widgets in sidebar don’t display correctly.

    When you click on “leave comment”, that page displays horribly (everything is out of whack)

    Sometimes ads don’t show properly (in sidebar and header).

    In comparison, when going through Firefox or my IPhone (Safari) the site displays properly with the only exception that the ad I have placed in the header won’t show.

    So actually I have seen this work 100% correctly in any browser yet. I’m most concerned with IE though since that is by far the most common browser.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Dave S


    Guess I should include my site:



    Regarding IE6:


    Dave S


    Thanks Kim. But I see the same issues with IE ver 7 too. I would hope that this theme still supports that one.



    Dave, I looked at your site in Firefox and IE7 and certainly see what you mean.

    There is some code in the CSS that is specific to IE. Sorry but, I am not a CSS expert, but I did find some IE specific code in the section for the slider border. Maybe that will help you narrow it down.

    Good luck.



    Sorry I have no comments on older IE < 8

    Maybe others have?


    Dave S


    What is CSS? I’m a newbie to this stuff…

    I don’t know, I may have to change themes even though I like this one.



    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It defines how the pages appear. It is a standard web language and you will encounter it with any theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Dave S,

    Something is definitely messing with the template on your site. The <head> element is closed too early, causing the wacky behaviour in IE. It’s pure luck that it still displays correctly (almost) in Firefox and other modern browsers.

    Try deactivating or removing all the ads for a second and see if you can identify which is messing up the template layout.

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