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    where do you find the menu settings, must be blind

    Im in apperance/menus

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    Thank you!! That was it!

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    no 🙁 it disappears from the sidebar but i cant see it in the post…

    i can use it to show the widgets or not show wigets in the sidebars…

    but in the post… i must be stupid 🙁 there must be a plugin for this…that not only have the sidebars as drag and drop but there you also can se the post/page.

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    ahh this was good info, but can ju have each page individal

    lets say I have tree pages on my site… about, calender and photos…

    abut is just about with some text

    on calendr I would like to use the calender widget and only on that page

    and on photo I would like som image gallery..

    how to I add/remove widgets for each page`?

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    hi again…

    If I would like to change the built in menu to a costume one how do I tell it where I whant it to be

    and i have a page with one “main window” and one “sidebar” to the right if i make f ex a poll its easy to lace it in the sidebar with the whidgetmenu but how do I do I i want in inte “main window”



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