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  • assa


    I have a small but confusing problem with my dropdown menu…

    the name on the link is “my portfolio”

    the problem is that is shows on 2 lines like this



    i would like to get it in just one line,,,hmmm

    there is space for the letters I have tryed to name it


    no problem

    but when I have a space between words this happends…

    have I done someting in the CSS or what have I messed up 🙁




    Is the “My Portfolio” menu item in a dropdown? It’s hard to know without a link to your site.

    If it’s a child page, try going to the admin panel -> graphene options -> “display” tab -> Navigation Menu Display Options.

    Try changing the value in “Dropdown menu item width” from 170 to something larger.



    Thank you!! That was it!



    You’re welcome.

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