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    Im new to both wordpress and this theme so I guess my questions is simpel for some of you:)

    1. when I ad a page and have the headline “pictures from a nice day” the link by auto also is this very long name.. I would like to call it just Photos…. I get it to work if i do a costume menu… but how do I place this one at the same place as the “built in one”? Its easy to place at the sidebare with the widgets but thats not what I want…

    2. in the page can you in some way add a table as in dreamweaver for ex so you can place text and images where you want them?

    3. can you add widgets to a page? and how?

    thank you thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    1. Click on the “edit” link about the post and you can edit the URL for your permalink.

    2. There are a number of plugins that will easily do tables for you. I would heartily recommend Josh’s Ultimate TinyMCE plugin.

    3. I’m not sure what you mean by “page”. Unless you use a plugin to change where widgets appear, widgets will show up on a page as well. Do you mean to add a plug just to pages and not to posts?



    hi again…

    If I would like to change the built in menu to a costume one how do I tell it where I whant it to be

    and i have a page with one “main window” and one “sidebar” to the right if i make f ex a poll its easy to lace it in the sidebar with the whidgetmenu but how do I do I i want in inte “main window”



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