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    hm,,, i have a imageslider-widget that i would like to place in one post (not a blogpage a static page) instead of the sidebar,,, how do I place it there…

    tryed with the widget_lodgic but if I write is_single(‘page name’) I only get error so I guess that is the incorrect way to do it πŸ™‚



    try is_single( 'post-id' )

    like is_single( '123' )



    no πŸ™ it disappears from the sidebar but i cant see it in the post…

    i can use it to show the widgets or not show wigets in the sidebars…

    but in the post… i must be stupid πŸ™ there must be a plugin for this…that not only have the sidebars as drag and drop but there you also can se the post/page.



    Use action hook widgets. Graphene Options –> Advanced –> Action Hooks Widget Areas –> select graphene_post_footer or any other action hook in loop.php Then go to widget menu and add your widget to newly added action hook widget block.

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