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    sorry for my inexperience with coding but I copied and pasted your code and placed it within my functions.php but the only thing that happened was the removal of my admin bar and the visibility of the code above my banner. Again I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge but could you explain what I could have possibly done wrong? Thanks again!

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    yes that is exactly what I would like to do. I was going to just make page for the top level of my menu but if I could just add a slider to my categories that would save a lot of time. Is there a way to customize each categories’ slider? Thanks so much.

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    hey guys it’s been bout 2 weeks since I’ve asked about my site, I’ve recently implemented buddypress and while I’ve played around with it for a bit I would love some advice or recommendations on what I could be doing better or how I can improve my user interaction. Thanks!

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    I’m also in the same boat. I’m not completely against the slider changes but I would prefer if the excerpt appeared towards the right and if I could find a resolution for the “Read Post” button that would be amazing.

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    thanks for all the advice and feedback, its all been beneficial. anyone else out there have an opinion or some advice?

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    thanks for all of the advice! You were definitely right about BuddyPress; it’s amazing but I’m having difficulty getting the correct alignment. We’ve added a few new features including a Battle Royale, so I’d love to hear anymore thoughts. thanks!

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    terrific, thanks for the update! Is there anyway to manual change the widths till then?

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    Hey so I didn’t see the feature to change the widths in the latest update. Am I missing something or was it just pushed back? If anyone has any ideas on how to go about changing the widths of the sidebars or content area I’d love to hear how. thanks!

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    any ideas? the backgrounds of the widget are just white and it looks unprofessional

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    that’s what I’ve been doing but then the text box is still white, can I set the widget to have a black or whatever color background?

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