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    Check this:


    Basically it’s just a plugin, but it’s SO MUCH MORE.

    Great social net feautures, but quite difficult to implement to particular theme.



    Nice site. Your background of your rss feed & other icons at the top with the rss feed are to big for the area sized to them. When you scroll over them, a small black line appears above the icons in a way that that is unexpected with most sites.

    Also, get ride of the flying ad that comes up when you first go to the site. The ads on the side of the page are well placed and the flying ad takes away from the nice clean look and feel of the site.

    Site looks nice.



    thanks for all of the advice! You were definitely right about BuddyPress; it’s amazing but I’m having difficulty getting the correct alignment. We’ve added a few new features including a Battle Royale, so I’d love to hear anymore thoughts. thanks!



    A+ on the header and the social buttons. Site has a real feel for the content of the theme. Overall very nice and professional work. Nice..



    Beautiful site. Don’t know about the red, tho. But that’s what they say about my orange. To each their own. (Maybe a deeper red?) 😛



    thanks for all the advice and feedback, its all been beneficial. anyone else out there have an opinion or some advice?



    hey guys it’s been bout 2 weeks since I’ve asked about my site, I’ve recently implemented buddypress and while I’ve played around with it for a bit I would love some advice or recommendations on what I could be doing better or how I can improve my user interaction. Thanks!

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