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    hey guys, I’ve reached out to you before and just wanted to get some more input. check out my site @ http://www.ThingsThatDontSuck.info. any advice or simply your thoughts on the site as a whole are greatly appreciated, thanks!



    Nice layout, maybe some change in background?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yeah, I agree. I like the red/black color scheme, maybe you need to get a little red in the background. Maybe something like this:

    (Here is link if that’s not visible: http://twitpic.com/7pgd8m)



    So I’ve made some changes to the background. Let me know what you think, I’m still browsing for what I think is the perfect match but for now I believe I’m going to keep this one.

    Is there anything else that you’d like to see? I’m trying to make the site more user friendly and have the users/visitors become more active with the post and things on the site, do you have any recommendations?



    Better now. It will be nice to make top lists content linkable. Like U do with “top 10 things that do suck”. Nice site, I’ll bookmark it, but just because of content. 😉

    If U looking for inspiration check this:


    To newbie like me it’s amazing what that dude made. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Nice background…very nice…but set it to fixed, rather than scroll. Scrolling backgrounds are distracting, and look so 1999.



    Nice, I actually completely looked over that setting and didn’t even think about it but very true. Updated and looks much better, thanks for the advice.



    Hey ttdsinfo,

    i am trying to rename the “home” button in the header menu but don’t know how to. now i see that you renamed the “home” button into “updates”. could you tell me how, please?

    thanks a lot.


    Kenneth John Odle



    Yep, that looks sharp. I love the calendar widget in the footer. That’s actually a really good place for it.


    This is easy using a custom menu. (See this tutorial for help.) You really should update to the latest version. You’re missing out on some great new features.



    does anybody else have any ideas? I was trying to find a plugin are something else that would help me create a dynamic user database, possibly one that could work with the forum. any help and all opinions are as always greatly appreciated.

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