Update 1.6 "View the entire post" on slider in left corner

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    Hello everyone,

    today I update my Graphene template on my website http://www.marekadamec.cz

    Now is in left corner on slider title “View the entire post” (czech: Zobrazit celý příspÄ›vek)

    In this picture you can see what I mean. http://imagelink.cz/images/graphene.jpg

    I dont want this title in sliders. Does anyone know how to hide it?

    Thank you 🙂

    Ijeoma Obiagwu


    Same thing wt me too.

    And also excerpt now shows on the entire lenght of the slider instead of by the side on the right hand corner.

    and my homepage pictures are now squashed.

    please help me.

    heres d link http://www.nigeriantvshows.com

    thank you.



    I’m also in the same boat. I’m not completely against the slider changes but I would prefer if the excerpt appeared towards the right and if I could find a resolution for the “Read Post” button that would be amazing.


    Syahir Hakim



    Here’s what I see when I visited your site. Try clearing your cache (CTRL+F5).



    I’ve answered your questions in the other thread you started. Please don’t hijack other people’s thread or create multiple posts asking the same question. It won’t get your queries responded to any sooner.


    Try clearing your cache (CTRL+F5).

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