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    you can use user: testing password: graphene

    There is a thread called ‘├ąpent forum’ and a forum thread ‘testing’

    I have only had error on mobile. Sometimes it posts ok, sometimes it says: slow down, you are moving too fast. Sometimes it just bumps to start of thread

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    I have used Poedit to translate theme into my language. No problem for you to do the same. You can translate just the buttons if you want.

    You will need to ipload the 2 files to your site with a ftp program.

    Poedit is free, but if you will translate all of the language file I recommend the full version because it helps you translate.

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    Note: seems like several language files in this theme is missing updated language files…

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    found solution myself. Language files is’nt updated. There are lots of translations missing.

    I opened language file in poedit, and then checked it with pot file. 67 missing translations. Updated those, and uploaded translation file. Worked perfect.

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    I have a common question: Why is ‘read more’ button show, even if the post is shown in complete. (there is not added add-more split in article)

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