Bbpress submit reply very often doesnt work

  • trehesten


    When users try to reply on a thread on their mobile it very often happens that they just bumps to first post in thread without submit the post. I have experienced this myself. I then go back, and send again. Sometimes it takes 2,3 or 4 times before posting is successful. It works fine with Graphene on computer, only on GM Neo it is problem. I have tried to find a solution with bbpress support forum. Tried to disable plugins assosiated to bbpress, but same problem. Bbpress wanted me to take this with Theme Author.

    I use wordpress 4.5.3

    bbpress 2.5.9

    Is there any tip on how to find the error?

    I use this theme on mobile:

    GM Neo

    On desktop I use Graphene. (it works great)

    This app to mobile switch:

    Any Mobile Theme Switcher



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi trehesten,

    Can you provide us with a testing account on the forum so that we can investigate this further? It would also be helpful if you can list down specific steps to reproduce the issue.

    Let me know and thanks!



    you can use user: testing password: graphene

    There is a thread called ‘├ąpent forum’ and a forum thread ‘testing’

    I have only had error on mobile. Sometimes it posts ok, sometimes it says: slow down, you are moving too fast. Sometimes it just bumps to start of thread


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the test user account.

    In order to narrow down the issue and rule out plugins conflict, can you try to deactivate all the plugins, except the ones used for GM Neo and bbPress?

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