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    i use graphene on a norwegian wordpress install. Translation seems good, but comment is not translated correct:

    When there is no comments, it translates perfect : ‘skriv kommentar’ (write comment)

    But when there is posted comments it doesnt translate:

    when there is 1 comment: 1 comment (should be 1 kommentar)

    When there is several, for example 4: 4 comments (should be 4 kommentarer)

    I have uploaded files to poedit program, but translations seems ok.

    (i have also made a complete translation of GM Neo into norwegian, and on cellphone translation are perfect.)

    Seems like there is a bug in programming?

    Could you please check this out?



    found solution myself. Language files is’nt updated. There are lots of translations missing.

    I opened language file in poedit, and then checked it with pot file. 67 missing translations. Updated those, and uploaded translation file. Worked perfect.



    Note: seems like several language files in this theme is missing updated language files…

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