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    If you are new to WordPress, Graphene, or to blogging or webhosting in general, there is a way to flatten out the learning curve a bit.

    I agree as well. You should always go slow and take it from day to day. Not just setting up WordPress but even before that choosing your webhosting should be thought through properly. Then you can go on installing everything and add extensions every other day. Its good advice that people should take to heart.

    I think you would need either a USB wireless adapter or a pci card which functions the same. If you have an extra slot on your motherboard, I would suggest that you go with the pci card as there is a lesser chance for it to bug down as it is positioned safe inside. The usb is good as well but there have been problems with its durability as it is just inserted and tagged by a small part of it. If you want something that would last a little longer, the pci card would be the better option.

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    I have experienced this same problem when I reinstalled a theme on my page and the social network sharing buttons had gone. I had the set up as a minimizing side bad on the side with just a small button showing all the time.

    If you have encountered the problem, you might want to re-install the old settings back and take note of what has to be changed in order for it to work. You might have problems with the share function after but that would easily be fixed as well.

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    Oh I think this is a little weird. I would have taken it that tags do not appear on the first iteration as they usually get stripped (i mean the tags are removed) by default but if you have already changed the settings and made a point which tags are to be retained and looked past the removal, it should start working perfectly normal. I wonder why this is happening. On a rather common sense, are you sure to have applied the changes you have made with what tags will not be removed?

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    I would have to agree that it proved to bring a lot of changes, that would be for the good take note. I got a lot of comments for the transformation and it is looking like everyone was on the same boat.

    I like the additional customization capabilities that could really work on user’s advantage. This is indeed a good avenue where support and help could be gotten from.

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