How can I pick up wireless internet on my desktop computer?

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    My laptop has something wireless adapter card built into it that lets me pickup a wireless internet wireless modem connection, isn’t there some type of thing I can buy to make my wireless internet hotspot desktop pick up the wireless? If so, what are those things called? Thanks so much!



    I think the easiest way is to buy a ‘WIFI USB adapter’, you just plug it in your USB port, and you can pick up your wireless network (it is fairly cheap).



    I think you would need either a USB wireless adapter or a pci card which functions the same. If you have an extra slot on your motherboard, I would suggest that you go with the pci card as there is a lesser chance for it to bug down as it is positioned safe inside. The usb is good as well but there have been problems with its durability as it is just inserted and tagged by a small part of it. If you want something that would last a little longer, the pci card would be the better option.


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