Paragraph tags not being added to Posts

  • skishopmatt


    Found another issue, not sure if it’s WP 3.2.1 or all the time, but the theme doesn’t seem to be adding P or BR tags when editing in the visual editor. Text comes out as a jumbled mess. Is there a function that needs to be adjusted to fix that?

    Thanks so much again for such a wonderful theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    Please provide URL to your site and point us to where this is happening.


    Syahir Hakim


    That is the excerpt of the post being displayed. By default, WordPress strips all HTML tags from automatic excerpts, but you can override this behaviour by telling WordPress which tags to preserve. See the option in Graphene Options > Display > Excerpts Display Options > Retain these HTML tags in excerpts.



    Here you go Syahir –

    Thanks so much




    I see the option but don’t understand what is need in this field to move, change or remove the image? Can you provide a sample of what needs to be input in this “retain these html tags…” field? thanks



    This should explain better. See in this screen shot how there are line breaks and pagagraphs in the visual editor? The theme doesn’t seem to be recognizing those and is not creating those spaces and breaks.



    Here’s what it should look like with those settings in the back end:

    This is a hard coded version with P and BR tags added manually.



    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm..that’s that the only page where this is happening? FYI, the theme does not handle the automatic addition of the <p> and <br> tags – WordPress handles those. The theme just displays it.

    BTW, what do you mean by the hard-coded version? Does it mean that you manually enter the <p> and <br> tags in the HTML mode of the editor?



    It seems to be happening on all posts. I haven’t tried Pages yet. And yes, when I say hard Coded I mean actually adding the <p> and BR tags by hand. I’ve noticed as well that if I switch to VISUAL tab before saving the Hard Coded Tags are deleted as well.

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