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    Thanks for your quick response.

    I have tried optimising but no real benefit seen.

    The wp_posts table has about 6000 entries and there are 2200 images on the site.


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    Hi no I see the latest version is 1.9.3, I am on 1.9.2. So you think the if I specify just the parent category it will automatically include all the sub categories too, without having to specify them separately? Is there a list of changes included in 1.9.3? Thanks.

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    Ah ok, thanks.

    Hi. They all have images because I have had to set the Featured Image on some of them to achieve this.

    I am sure this was working up until a few days ago.

    What is very odd is that I have just tried the same thing on my own domain and I have the same issue there too – if you go to I have just duplicated the latest post (which has an image), the new one does not! It appears in the Post though. Very odd.


    Sorry I have posted this in the wrong section! I can’t seem to move it so apologies!

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