Sticky post not working?

  • tonysab


    If I define a post as sticky it does not display it as the first post on the page, it just seems to exhibit default behaviour, ie display it in it’s chronological position ie as if it was not sticky. This happens whether I have the Graphene home page options set to display all posts or those from a specific category. For example if I have the following home page display –

    post A 14/07/14

    post B 13/07/14

    post C 11/07/14

    if I then add post D with a date of 12/07/14 it just displays it in 3rd position instead of 1st. In my case I have the options set to display 6 posts on the homepage and the sticky post is chronologically number 7 so it doesn’t display at all !


    Kenneth John Odle


    You are using homepage panes. Homepage panes does not support the sticky post feature.



    Ah ok, thanks.

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