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  • tonysab


    Hi there, I have a static home page set to show the latest 6 postings. This has always displayed me an image (if exists in the post), plus Exccerpt and Read More link. Just lately I have noticed when I create a new post, even though it contains an image, this image is not showing up on the homepage as a thumbnail for the post. I cannot figure out why. I don’t want to have to set the featured image specifically on each one. I don’t understand why it has suddenly stopped working. Any advice would be greatfully received, thanks.



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    Kenneth John Odle


    The six posts on your home page all have images with them. Can you point to a page where this is happening?

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    Hi. They all have images because I have had to set the Featured Image on some of them to achieve this.

    I am sure this was working up until a few days ago.

    What is very odd is that I have just tried the same thing on my own domain and I have the same issue there too – if you go to tonystoyle.co.uk/radleyvillage I have just duplicated the latest post (which has an image), the new one does not! It appears in the Post though. Very odd.


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