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  • tonysab


    OK so I have a News category which acts as a parent to a load of News sub-categories. The parent category has 0 posts as they are all categorised in the sub categories. This way I can easily have a page which displays all news items, as well as being able to control things such as Related Posts by using the sub-categories.

    However what I can’t do is specify the News category in Appearance->Graphene Options->Homepage Panes->Categories to show latest posts from. It does not display anything from the subcategories. So I have to enter all the sub-categories individually in the Categories to show latest posts from box, which is a shame because a) there are lots of them and b) when I add a new subcategory I have to remember to also add it here.

    Could this functionality be enhanced to include this, or is there another easy way to achieve this? Thanks.


    Syahir Hakim


    Graphene does currently displays all categories and subcategories in those options, even if those (sub)categories don’t have any posts assigned to them yet. Are you using the latest version of the Graphene theme?



    Hi no I see the latest version is 1.9.3, I am on 1.9.2. So you think the if I specify just the parent category it will automatically include all the sub categories too, without having to specify them separately? Is there a list of changes included in 1.9.3? Thanks.

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