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    The German language issue still persists for:
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    I would like to add that editing po files is not sufficient, you have to regenerate the mo file when your editor does not do it for you. Using Linux:
    msgfmt -o File.po

    So that could also be a source of trouble, that the mo files are not in sync with the po files. The po file it the editable version, the mo file what is actually used by the software.

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    (my local site had no site name specified, the online version was named like “XYZ Society, Berlin”

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    I was able to resolve the issue as follows with a workaround:

    The problem was apparently caused by a site name description which included a comma. A comma is also used as a separator by the importer/exporter.

    It means the string is not properly escaped for the exporter and importer. Afterwards I was able to export the settings and reimport them. Ironically it also included 8:4 setting.

    So the workaround was to remove the comma from the site description, the proper way would be to fix the code, escape commas properly, so that it does not occur.

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