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    I deleted both files, cleared the browser-cache, but that didn’t help.
    After switching language in WP-Admin from deutsch(Sie) to deutsch everything is o.k.! 🙂



    strange: After deleting both files i have an update for the language files in wp-backend.
    If i do the update the “continue reading” error is back!



    The German language issue still persists for:
    – Continue Reading
    – Category
    – By

    I would like to add that editing po files is not sufficient, you have to regenerate the mo file when your editor does not do it for you. Using Linux:
    msgfmt -o File.po

    So that could also be a source of trouble, that the mo files are not in sync with the po files. The po file it the editable version, the mo file what is actually used by the software.



    The Po/Mo files shouldn’t be the problem. The translation in the mo file is correct. I created a new mo file with poedit on my mac, but that didn’t solve the issue.


    Syahir Hakim


    This issue is due to the outdated translations on We have requested for the translation there to be updated using the latest translation files for Graphene. It might take some time for the editors of each language to respond to the request.


    Syahir Hakim


    The Deutsch language editor has just approved some translation while some others need to be improved.

    I checked the german strings and they could need some improvements, some I rejected, others I left waiting – is there anyone who can do this for you?

    Please help to improve and complete the Deutsch translation at the link below. This is the system for the automatic language translation update feature that you see in WordPress.




    i added the missing strings and improved some for german translation.
    Some strings are not so easy to translate, because the context is missing.
    We will have to view the running system afterwards and maybe improve some of them!

    Greetings from germany 🙂



    Brazilian portuguese also has some issues.

    I’ve already deleted these files:


    But they keep re-appearing.

    I translated a bunch of phrases on

    But they are all with the ‘waiting’ status.



    I have a workaround for you: On you’ll have to set the filter option to “Current/waiting/fuzzy + untranslated (All)”.
    Then export the .mo and .po files using “only matching the filter”. Copy those two files to wp-content/languages/themes/ and you will have your own translations on your site.
    That’s just a temporary workaround but it works for me because the situation for the german translations are the same.



    Thank you. It worked. 🙂

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