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    I have got a problem under 4.9.1 WP with the Graphene 2.1.3

    It is impossible for me to change the customizer setting at:
    Graphene:Display – Columns:width – Columns width (two-column mode) – from 9:3 to 8:4 – “Publish”

    The error message I get is (localized) “Etwas scheint schiefgelaufen zu sein. Warte einige Sekunden und versuche es dann erneut.” (Something went wrong. Wait a few seconds and then try again”. Saving changes then does not work anymore, and I have to discard changes made.

    The setting in Columns:Layout is “full width” with second option. There are no plugins activated.

    I have a local install where I had successfully set the setting to 8:4 (which is now also upgrade to 4.9.1 and the same Graphene version”. Unfortunately an import of the graphene settings of the local installation also had failed,



    I was able to resolve the issue as follows with a workaround:

    The problem was apparently caused by a site name description which included a comma. A comma is also used as a separator by the importer/exporter.

    It means the string is not properly escaped for the exporter and importer. Afterwards I was able to export the settings and reimport them. Ironically it also included 8:4 setting.

    So the workaround was to remove the comma from the site description, the proper way would be to fix the code, escape commas properly, so that it does not occur.



    (my local site had no site name specified, the online version was named like “XYZ Society, Berlin”

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