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    Hi Syahir,
    I have registered as a contributor for the French translation of Graphene and already added a few suggestions. My username there is “cqfd”. I noticed there was one Alex who’s done a big job already…
    I was familiar with every corner of Graphene v.1 dashboard and find the new version more confusing. Regarding the untranslated list I got the impresion that a significant number of words and phrases refer to contexts difficult — or impossible — to find. I wonder if they might refer to features to be found only in the Plus version.

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    Hi Syahir,
    I’ve got the “Continue reading” problem too.
    I’ve greatly benefited from your help in the past and I am willing to contribute to the tranlation into French.
    Thanks for the link you give in one of your posts:

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    I tried unsuccessfully all the solutions I found on the net.

    Then an acquaintance of mine, who is a developer, simply deleted line 6204 in the post.php file.

    And the miracle occurred…

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    Sorry, I’m back again.

    New tests give : gets A 100 gets C 74 gets C 74 gets C 73

    Performance 73 and 74 recommend :

    Minimize redirects

    Remove query strings

    Serve static content

    The other 4 categories mentioned in the post just above have vanished.

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    After posting above a few minutes ago I went back to test more pages. I’ve changed nothing in the meantime but the score has dropped from A 100 to C 73.

    Four new categories have problems :

    F 0 Parallelize downloads across hostnames

    F 3 Combine external JavaScript

    F19 Combine external CSS

    C 75 Minimize DNS lookups


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    I have now installed W3 Total Cache and configured it as completely as I could. I even had to add the “Remove query strings from static resources” plugin. The performance grade for is now A 100, even though the “Leverage browser caching” is only A 96 because

    should be specified an expiration. How can I do it?

    TEST URL :!/bsEPcq/

    Unfortunately the problem with the back-office has not benefited from the caching. Connecting time is long and work inside difficult.

    Testing the connection page gives the following:

    TEST URL :!/ehaF7W/

    Global performance grade is C 74 with the following instructions :

    F 0 Minimize redirects

    Remove the following redirect chain if possible:

    F 0 Remove query strings from static resources

    Resources with a “?” in the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers. Remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL for the following resources: … %5D=dashicons,buttons,forms,l10n,login&ver=4.7.1

    F 85 Serve static content from a cookieless domain

    Serve the following static resources from a domain that doesn’t set cookies: … %5D=dashicons,buttons,forms,l10n,login&ver=4.7.1

    I am flying high above my level of incompetence. Help please. and Thanks in advance.

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    I am trying to understand how WordPress manages images and had a look at the contents of the uploads file.

    The Media settings are :

    Thumbs : 175×130

    Medium : 225×170

    Large : 800×600

    First I uploaded into an article a photo called Bougon.jpg whose size is 800 x 600.

    In the uploads file I found 7 pictures. I expected 4. Am I wrong ? Here they are :








    The picture in the article displayed automatically in the medium size so I did not have to resize it. I would have accepted any size providing the 4/3 ratio was kept.

    In the categories the picture is displayed at the thumb size and it is what I wanted.

    The problem is with the homepage panes. The size of the pictures is 340×170 and I want it to be 225×170 that is the medium size.

    I have three questions:

    – Does WP need 7 pictures ?

    – Where can I correct the 340×170 setting?

    – After so many tests I have a lot of pictures to delete. Is it OK to do it in the uploads file or should I do it in the media library?

    Help is desperately needed. Thanks in advance.

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    As a matter of fact I am sorry – and happy – to confess that changes in the CSS do work, provided there is no */ or /* forgotten somewhere upwards…

    This gives a satisfactory result :

    .two-columns .homepage_pane {
    width: 640px !important;

    .homepage_pane .excerpt-thumb {
    float:left !important;
    padding-right: 20px !important;

    The topic is resolved.

    Thanks everybody.

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    Hi Matt,

    I have the feeling that these settings only manage the general design of the page, that is a main column with 0 or 1 or 2 sidebars.

    With a “dynamic” homepage there is no problem because each post excerpt freely fills the 640 px of the main column.

    With a “static” page it is different. When I activate the homepage panes option they are displayed in twos (2 panes on the same row).

    The aspect of the page is not so bad – vertical lines, but I would like to test the other way.

    I changed the CSS in the child theme. I made it 100% !important…

    .two-columns .homepage_pane {

    width: 48% !important;


    I am rather unexperienced so I may have missed something.

    Help is welcome. Thanks.

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    Thanks again.

    I have reactivated Restrict widgets.

    I consider the subject has been resolved.

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