Size of medium images in horizontal homepage panes.

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    I am testing a static homepage with 8 panes (plus 2 text widgets) below the main article.

    Originally the panes appeared vertically. I made minor css changes to have them displayed horizontally,

    The media settings are set on a 4/3 scale :

    Thumbnails : 175 x 130

    Medium-size : 225 x 170

    Large : 800 x 600

    I used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin after changing the settings.

    The object is to avoid the pictures being truncated when they are displayed as thumbs in the categories, or as medium-size images on the home page.

    It works well with the categories as can be seen when clicking the “En page d’accueil” category. But whatever I do, their size is (+/-) 340 x 170 on the home page. The images are complete but are displayed on a 2/1 scale.

    Help is welcome.



    I am trying to understand how WordPress manages images and had a look at the contents of the uploads file.

    The Media settings are :

    Thumbs : 175×130

    Medium : 225×170

    Large : 800×600

    First I uploaded into an article a photo called Bougon.jpg whose size is 800 x 600.

    In the uploads file I found 7 pictures. I expected 4. Am I wrong ? Here they are :








    The picture in the article displayed automatically in the medium size so I did not have to resize it. I would have accepted any size providing the 4/3 ratio was kept.

    In the categories the picture is displayed at the thumb size and it is what I wanted.

    The problem is with the homepage panes. The size of the pictures is 340×170 and I want it to be 225×170 that is the medium size.

    I have three questions:

    – Does WP need 7 pictures ?

    – Where can I correct the 340×170 setting?

    – After so many tests I have a lot of pictures to delete. Is it OK to do it in the uploads file or should I do it in the media library?

    Help is desperately needed. Thanks in advance.

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