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    The homepage of my site is a static one and I have activated the homepage panes option. The panes are displayed in two columns.

    Is there a means to have them displayed full-width, like post excerpts in a dynamic page ?

    Thanks for your help.



    Easy m8!

    Apearance > Graphene Options > Display > Column Options




    Hi Matt,

    I have the feeling that these settings only manage the general design of the page, that is a main column with 0 or 1 or 2 sidebars.

    With a “dynamic” homepage there is no problem because each post excerpt freely fills the 640 px of the main column.

    With a “static” page it is different. When I activate the homepage panes option they are displayed in twos (2 panes on the same row).

    The aspect of the page is not so bad – vertical lines, but I would like to test the other way.

    I changed the CSS in the child theme. I made it 100% !important…

    .two-columns .homepage_pane {

    width: 48% !important;


    I am rather unexperienced so I may have missed something.

    Help is welcome. Thanks.



    Each page has its own option on how to display.

    Saying that, I’m trying to create a shop section on my site http://www.greatshakesbar.com but the pages are failing to use full width as requested on the page options.

    Might be worth someone else taking a look as I am facing the same problem too



    As a matter of fact I am sorry – and happy – to confess that changes in the CSS do work, provided there is no */ or /* forgotten somewhere upwards…

    This gives a satisfactory result :

    .two-columns .homepage_pane {
    width: 640px !important;

    .homepage_pane .excerpt-thumb {
    float:left !important;
    padding-right: 20px !important;

    The topic is resolved.

    Thanks everybody.

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