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    @Sharon : Yep… That’s it… Thank you so much for the info. Gracious.

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    @Ken : Thank you..!

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    If someone wants to know how I resolved this issue..

    1) Create a file in loop-single.php in child theme.

    2) Remove the filters in function.php

    3) Add the plugin codes just after the_content() area. (after pagination).


    This is resolved now..!

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    Turns out that this happens because of other plugins…

    When contacted the Plugin Dev team, I got a solution to implement few php functions at the right places of theme…

    Just one thing… How do I know which file in graphene theme has the action/filter or calls ‘pagination’ for posts???

    Is there a wiki or anything like that?

    Please let me know if a separate thread has to be started for this…



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    Thanks Ken…

    Unfortunately it didn’t help much. Is there any other way like adding a filter or action in particular area so that the <div> that has pagination comes before <div> of related content?

    Just want to interchange the positions of <div> tags of related content and pagination…!!

    Yep.. I do have Child theme… I did mess up few things.. Fixed now.. Thank you Ken.. Marking this resolved…

    @Prasannasp: Many many gratitude……. Thank you so much….. Gracious…

    Marking the thread as resolved..

    @Prasannasp: Excellent Piece of code!! Works perfectly.

    I had one small glitch before closing the tread…

    It kind of looks odd because of my CSS settings. I want to move the line starting with ‘Hosting provided by’ to next line… How to do this in this code..

    Can I use rn before the ‘Hosting’ sentence? Thought of trying myself but playing with php has messed up the site few times.. So I am leaving it to the experts…

    And one more thing, From next updates, I don’t have to change anything right??

    @Prasannasp: Very good information. Will surely come in handy… But my scenario is that I have to add one more link along with WordPress and Graphene links…

    I want to add :Hosting provided by: ” Link to free hosting site”… This, I want to do it in footer next to wordpress and graphene… I have modified footer.php… However, just want to know how to keep this as it is after updating??

    Sorry for confusion.. Hope you got what I am trying to say…

    @Syahir: Thanks for the reply…

    I have modified the footer.php file of original theme…. had to add link for my free hosting site…. .. How to preserve this after the update???

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