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  • Genius!! Works like a charm man…. Works like a CHARM!!! Really impressive and appreciable…. Thanks a lot…

    Marking this as resolved…..

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    Just select the entire region in the wordpress Visible editor and click on the ‘Center’ icon located above the content box. It looks similar to MS-Word Center button.

    Try it out and let us know.

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    Just give this a try:

    1) Go to the page where you have the screen shot.

    2) Click on the image (your screen shot) and then click on the Link Symbol in the ‘Editor kitchen sink’ tab above the content tab. [Image attached below]


    3) After the pop-up appears, give the link to which it should redirect to. [ image attached below].


    Ticking on ‘New window’ option is optional.

    4) Save the draft and test it in the ‘Preview tab’.

    There is another way of adding this code in ‘Text’ editor. ( not in visual). '<a href="your link goes here"> but the above 4 steps are simple.

    Hope this helps.

    @Prasanna SP… Works like a charm man… Thanks a lot.. again……. 🙂

    Marking this as resolved.

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    I had tried it… It used to appear as it is in the post.. No page division appeared…

    But then, added this code in single.php of main theme..

    <?php wp_link_pages(); ?> And it worked…. 🙂


    Marking this ‘Resolved’..

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    Great…. Thank you Prasanna…. Marking this resolved..

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    Come on guys…… Anyone??? Anybody?? Nobody??????

    Gosh…. It was simple….

    Just had to add this line.. in the main theme’s footer…

    Powered by WordPress and Graphene.

    Sorry guys… I am posting silly questions….

    Thank you…

    In reply to: Can we make the Top Bar Float??


    Just to add, I have tried the below code.

    margin: -10px;
    width: 1150px; /*according to my settings */
    position: fixed;

    Everything is perfect but one thing.. The top bar covers the top portion of Header image itself. I want it to be fixed while scrolling down. But at the very beginning, it should not cover my header image..

    Please somebody tell me How do I achieve this???

    In reply to: White-Flash in between page loads.


    Oh I fixed it…

    If anyone has the same issue, it is related to ‘page caching’. [url=]HERE[/url] s one excellent page which explains optimization tips…..

    Thanks to Prasanna SP for sharing this…

    Marking this as resolved…

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