How to add 'Pagination' right after the post content??

  • sghegde87



    The pagination in my website appears after the content [and after related content and sharing buttons] but not just after the content.

    You’ll come to know if you look at


    Can anyone pls tell me how to make the Pagination (page numbers) appear just after the content and before the Related contents and share buttons??

    I assume this has someting to do with Action_Hooks, adding filter or adding action..!

    I am not very sure of what to do and hence, asking for your support.




    Kenneth John Odle


    You could try the after_post_content action hook widget area in loop.php. I’m not sure if that will come before or after those plugins, though.

    If you are using Graphene’s built-in social sharing buttons options, it will come before that:




    Thanks Ken…

    Unfortunately it didn’t help much. Is there any other way like adding a filter or action in particular area so that the <div> that has pagination comes before <div> of related content?

    Just want to interchange the positions of <div> tags of related content and pagination…!!



    Turns out that this happens because of other plugins…

    When contacted the Plugin Dev team, I got a solution to implement few php functions at the right places of theme…

    Just one thing… How do I know which file in graphene theme has the action/filter or calls ‘pagination’ for posts???

    Is there a wiki or anything like that?

    Please let me know if a separate thread has to be started for this…





    If someone wants to know how I resolved this issue..

    1) Create a file in loop-single.php in child theme.

    2) Remove the filters in function.php

    3) Add the plugin codes just after the_content() area. (after pagination).


    This is resolved now..!


    Kenneth John Odle

    Is there a wiki or anything like that?



    @Ken : Thank you..!

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