Weird '?' [learn more] overlapping after latest update..!

  • sghegde87


    is anyone having this problem or did I mess up with the theme’s files?? :-/

    ? mark overlaps the Words in ‘Settings’ under Graphene Options

    Screen shot Below:

    Imgur Link





    Kenneth John Odle


    Not quite sure what you did there, but it could be a temporary glitch in your browser, or you may have done something to the theme’s files. If you are using a child theme, try switching to the parent theme and seeing what happens. If the problem goes away, it is in the child theme. If you are not using a child theme, then you should be. You should never edit a theme’s files directly.



    Yep.. I do have Child theme… I did mess up few things.. Fixed now.. Thank you Ken.. Marking this resolved…

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