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    Lovely job!

    So when the fix is in place should “Exclude the categories from posts listing” box be checked or unchecked?

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    I can’t see that categories have been added to pages. If it helps you to research the issue I am happy for you to have login details to have a look around! If this helps please provide me with a secure way of getting this information to you.

    Thanks, Chris

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    Yes the slider is showing content from a selected category? And yes, the option “Exclude the categories from posts listing” was enabled. I have now unchecked that box and it displays correctly again. Is that what you were expecting Syahir?

    Thanks for the heads up on Easy Updates Manager plugin. I will look into this.

    Regards, Chris

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    Yes Syahir is was a static page, and is still coded as that in Settings – Reading. Here’s a link from Internet Archive The picture is part of the slider. You may recall the site as I had an issue with the 5 widgets at the foot of the page.

    On a slightly separate note .. I know that there has been a lot of discussion on version 2 and the changes included. I use the theme on several sites and on a couple I wish to retain the last version 1. Can I suggest a checkbox in Graphene options to prevent the checks for updates to the theme. This would help stop me accidentally updating the theme to v2 on the sites I wish version 1 to be retained.

    Thanks for your prompt attention.

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    Thanks Syahir. When is the next update scheduled?

    Seasons greetings,


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    Syahir .. please and thanks!

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    Me too, although I corrected it with some CSS. You just need to change the colour code.

    .footer-menu-wrap {
        background: #ffffff;

    I did mention it in another post as it does appear to be a bug.

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    Syahir, I would really appreciate guidance on this one please regarding the footer widgets. Thanks

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    I’ve sorted the footer menu background issue, but this may need to be considered in the next update as I would think that it was your intention for it to be the same as the general background colour. Just need to resolve the widget alignment now please.

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    Thank you Syahir for resolving the header and slider issues, by way of the updates. I am still having an issue with the footer widgets on this site in that I have 5 coded but they are not spacing across the page. I suspect it is a similar problem to the above but can’t track down the correct coding. Could you advise please?

    Also the background for the footer menu is the purple colour on my iPhone (okay on laptop). Again I cannot trace where this can be changed.

    Thanks for your time.


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