Bug? Footer Menu background showing different color in mobile

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    Hi guys,

    When checking out my site on the iPhone, the Footer Menu background color shows a different color (#2F2733) from what I choose or set it to be.

    On desktop and iPad, the colors work fine – this problem only appears when viewing on a smaller screen i.e. iPhone.

    I checked out Graphene’s demo site and it appears that the same problem exists.

    On desktop mode, the Graphene demo site’s footer menu background color is #1f1a22.

    But when viewing in iPhone, the demo site’s footer menu background color changes to the color mentioned above (#2F2733).

    Anyone else facing this?



    Me too, although I corrected it with some CSS. You just need to change the colour code.

    .footer-menu-wrap {
        background: #ffffff;

    I did mention it in another post as it does appear to be a bug.


    Syahir Hakim


    That was actually intentional, so that the footer menu has a slightly lighter shade compared to the footer bar. I see how this could be an issue if the footer colour is changed to an entirely different colour than the default dark purple shade.

    In the next update we’ll change it to use alpha transparency instead so that it matches whatever colour you choose for the footer.

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