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    Hi guys, I have an issue with the images in the footer widget on my site at Not sure when it happened (I have updated to 1.9.1) but they have become elongated, distorting the images.

    You will see 5 images which I am using the Image Widget plugin to display. I have to set the number of footer widgets to 6, as if I show 5 one will drop to the next line.

    I have tried reducing the images sizes from 160 to 140 width but the same thing still happens! They are in the Media library as 200 px width.

    I simply can’t get them anywhere close to the right hand side of the page

    To make it more frustrating for me on I have a similar thing going on, but it works fine! And I can’t work out what’s different!

    Thanks in advance, as usual.



    Syahir Hakim


    Each of the image in your footer widgets has the width and height attribute set for them, which isn’t in correct proportion to the images’ original dimensions.

    <img width="160" height="220" src="" style="max-width: 100%;" class="attachment-160x220 alignright" alt="Hugh">

    Try removing those attributes.



    Thanks for getting back to me Syahir.

    The original images were 200 x 275 in the media library, and I would respectfully suggest that 160 x 220 is in proportion.

    However, I have now re-sized them in the library to 150 x 206, in proportion, and put them into the image widget at full size with the number of footer widgets set to 5. As you will see Matt drops to the next line.

    The reason I chose 150 width is that they are this width for Domainline, where it works fine!! Very frustrating, and I suspect I just have a box checked incorrectly somewhere, but goodness knows where!!

    Can you suggest another approach please?

    Thanks again,



    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding this to the theme’s Custom CSS option:

    #sidebar_bottom .sidebar-wrap {
    border: none;



    Brilliant Syahir! Once again you have sorted for me. Thank you very much indeed.

    Are you able to say if it was something I did … an issue with the theme … or something else? It would help me (and others) for the future.



    Syahir Hakim


    The widgets in the footer is sized exactly to fit all 5 widgets within one line. However, because you’ve applied borders to widgets, they add additional width to each widget, which caused the last widget to fall to the second line. The code I gave removes the border for the footer widgets.



    Excellent, thanks for the explanation Syahir, and your time as always.

    I have now replaced both your code, and mine that I had inserted into CSS, which gave it the border;


    .sidebar div.sidebar-wrap {
    border: none;
    box-shadow: none;

    which as I understand it does much the same thing. Agree? It certainly works fine now.

    Keep up the good work,




    Syahir, since the update to 2.0.3 this problem has re-occurred on this site. I have tried the same coding without luck. Any ideas please?

    In addition, it appears that the header and the slider on this site are not responsive on mobiles.

    Look forward to hearing.

    Thanks, Chris



    Any thoughts on the widgets issue please?

    The non responsive nature of the header on mobile occurs on all my sites where Graphene is the theme, so I guess it’s an overall problem.



    Thank you Syahir for resolving the header and slider issues, by way of the updates. I am still having an issue with the footer widgets on this site in that I have 5 coded but they are not spacing across the page. I suspect it is a similar problem to the above but can’t track down the correct coding. Could you advise please?

    Also the background for the footer menu is the purple colour on my iPhone (okay on laptop). Again I cannot trace where this can be changed.

    Thanks for your time.


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