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    Thanks Kenneth… I did read that one (and I can see how to modify the header) but Im not sure which of the other files I need to look at to find the CSS that needs to be ‘customized’ to reflect the new width.. was hoping someone could share theirs

    or if the new version is coming soon, I can wait until then! 😉

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    I just want to add I already have it setup for a child-theme anticipating there would be some customizing.. (only the style.CSS though, no child PHP files or anything)

    Thanks again everyone!

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    I know its very strange… glad I was able to help.

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    For me.. 1.4 was probably the easiest and I’ve done this on sites of my own (If I am understanding it correctly)

    First you created the custom menu item and put in the # so you could create it; now you can go back in and edit it to remove the link “#” .. leaving that field blank and then update the menu and it will remain there as the parent but you won’t be able to click on it.. mouse over will of course pop-up the sub-menu to that parent..

    Bottom line you can’t leave that field blank to create it, but once created you can update it by going back in and deleting the link..

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    Yes sir… I wouldn’t call it a bug but when you are using the custom excerpts and you also choose to enable the “show continue reading” button (or whatever that exact option is for the main page/posts) it doubles up your slider buttons to show both… and the only way to not have both is not enabling that “continue reading” which isnt an option for me with the users who browse the site/blog .. they probably wouldnt realize you can simply click on the title to see the full post 😉

    I should have come back once I realized this.. hopefully you can program it to stop the double buttons up top/maybe they are all the same button and you either turn it on for ALL (including the slider) or none have it..

    Thanks again, great theme!

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