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    I couldn’t find this listed anywhere, but when using custom excerpts my slider will begin to show both buttons instead of just one. It does not happen in the posts on the main page, just in the slider.. this obviously doesn’t look very good and probably causes some confusion to readers of the blog.

    Without getting into heavy customization or child themes, can this be sorted out? Or perhaps its a known bug and will be fixed in the next release?

    Great theme! Thanks!


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi MrMatt,

    Are you still having this problem? I just tested custom excerpts for the slider and it works fine, i.e. no double buttons. Please let me know if the problem still persists for you. I would like to squish as many bugs as possible before releasing version 1.3.



    Yes sir… I wouldn’t call it a bug but when you are using the custom excerpts and you also choose to enable the “show continue reading” button (or whatever that exact option is for the main page/posts) it doubles up your slider buttons to show both… and the only way to not have both is not enabling that “continue reading” which isnt an option for me with the users who browse the site/blog .. they probably wouldnt realize you can simply click on the title to see the full post 😉

    I should have come back once I realized this.. hopefully you can program it to stop the double buttons up top/maybe they are all the same button and you either turn it on for ALL (including the slider) or none have it..

    Thanks again, great theme!


    Syahir Hakim


    OK, fixed it. I’ve also removed ellipsis from being added to manual excerpts.

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