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    Just wondering if someone can give me some guidance on what files I need to scour cop/paste/update the applicable CSS codes so that I can increase the width from 960px to something larger..

    If by chance someone out there has all that CSS already found/upated, feel free to post it or give me your email and I’ll send you a note.

    I appreciate the help.. thanks everyone!



    I just want to add I already have it setup for a child-theme anticipating there would be some customizing.. (only the style.CSS though, no child PHP files or anything)

    Thanks again everyone!


    Kenneth John Odle


    This has been discussed a lot lately in this forum. There may be an option for this in the next theme update.

    In the meantime, start with this post




    Thanks Kenneth… I did read that one (and I can see how to modify the header) but Im not sure which of the other files I need to look at to find the CSS that needs to be ‘customized’ to reflect the new width.. was hoping someone could share theirs

    or if the new version is coming soon, I can wait until then! 😉


    Kenneth John Odle


    From the post I referred to:

    I used Firebug to examine the classes used in the page and then identified the CSS responsible for the widths. For the width of the entire content section, it is 900px wide. So this mostly involves looking at the CSS and changing anything that is 900px to 1024px

    If you open a copy of the style.css file in a text editor, just search for “width” or “px”.


    Syahir Hakim

    There may be an option for this in the next theme update.

    I’ll probably be pushing that feature to a later version, as it involves substantial code writing. The current pre-alpha version of 1.5 already has quite a huge changeset. Introducing the custom column size option for version 1.5 would push its release date further, and may invite a sleuth of bugs after release.

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