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    Hello, after testing several readymade templates i chose Graphene since it supports most of my ideas and has a huge set of allowed modifications for newcomers as myself. Even though i prefer using Graphene over any other template i found out, there are still a few things i’d like to know if its possible to modify in the template.

    What would i’d like in my website?

    We’ve been planning a film festival here in my city and a website is just necessary. Since this is the first edition or sponsor yet, there’s no money, so we must work with our own hands to set up something nice to welcome the visitors and guarantee the festival’s promotion.

    I chose Graphene due to its structure, which is very similar to the one i imagined in the first place.

    1. Front-page related


    Ok, there we go. Left image shows how a guy like me pictures Graphene. Right image is how i wanted it to look like. There’s no need for 4 posts actually, 2 would be enough, i’d just need to reduce them into those little packages with their thumbnails. You may find a suitable example of my objective in the theme Scylla lite.


    Since i was discussing something related to Scylla lite, next topic can be used as an example.

    1.1 Does the slider has to be related to the posts?

    – Scylla lite creates a new function in the admin menu allowing me to create the slider i want, unrelated to any post or page. Is this possible on Graphene appealing to some plugin or something like that?

    1.1.1 Is it possible to remove the “View full post” button from the Slider and replace the link to the thumbnail?

    – Well, as i said above, i’m not planning to use my slider for posts, but due to pages or pure independent content, this the View full post button would be unnecessary.

    1.2 Is it possible to remove all the date relations?

    – I don’t want to show any kind of date in the posts, so it doesn’t look like a post at all. I need this because if we succeed to make those tiny blocks of content i spoke about in topic 1, i’d like to set some shortlinks to specific pages inside the webside, which i can, perhaps, fake as a post and hide it somewhere. Oh, well, i don’t know 🙁

    1.3 Is it possible to substitute the front-page posts (cyan area in the drawing) to links to other pages instead of posts?

    – You may find a good example of what i mean over [a=http://templatic.com/demos/?theme=consultant]here[/a]. Instead of posts automatically updated according to their postings or category, specific links to pages. For example, i want a static like “Send us your short film” below the slider in one of the content boxes, clicking on it would lead the user to the “Entry Film” page, which could also been found at the Services > Entry Film, at the main menu bar. So this would direct the user to a page, not a post. No idea if this is clear, sorry D:

    1.4 Is it possible to “unlink” the main buttons of the menu-bar, leaving the links only for their child buttons?

    – So, let’s get back to the top menu bar, the “mother-button” being Services and the drop-down content being Tickets; Store; Entry Film. When i put my mouse over Services, it gets that hand icon indicating a link, which leads to nowhere and which i don’t want to lead to anywhere either. By now i’m linking it to “#” so it stays in the page, but i’d really enjoy to unlink it and leave it only as a tab for its child buttons.

    1.5 Is it possible to set a page to show only posts from certain category?

    – Since the front-page is most likely static, some places in the site would get post updates, for example, let’s pretend we have a page for Press Releases. There would be posts there which shouldn’t affect the front-page. Is there a way to show in this Press Release page only the posts with the Press Release category, using it as a blog-inside-the-blog?

    1.6 Different widgets on other pages?

    – Front page needs only 2 widgets, perhaps 3: Search; Become a Facebook Fan; HTML Text so i can list down our sponsors (if we get any!). But i’d like to include a 4th widget at other pages, since our entire content is divided into 4~5 links with several cascade options, would be nice to include another HTML Text so i could include all “brothers” of the page the user is visiting. For example, If you’re at the Tickets page, under the Services label, that Widget would have direct links to Store and Entry Film.

    I believe this is it so far, thank you very much. If i need any other support, i’ll only use this thread to avoid spam 🙂




    Kenneth John Odle



    You ask a lot of questions, but just about all of them have been answered at some point in this forum. Please feel free to look around for the answers. Much of what you want to accomplish can be done using the “out-of-the-box” options that come with Graphene, and some of it will require the creation of a child theme. Are you comfortable doing that? There is a lot of information on this forum and on the WordPress Codex about how to do that.

    Be sure to read the forum rules. (i.e.: include a URL!)

    Welcome aboard!




    Kenneth, my apologies for the very late reply, i was shoting a movie in the middle of nowhere and the internet access was pretty limited.

    So, before creating this topic i gave a look through the posts but i wasn’t able to find much of the information i wanted, perhaps due to great amount of repeated posts under the same subjects that are not of my concern or pure stupidity of myself.

    About creating a child theme, there would be no problem at all for me, i could do it right now using the tutorial you sent me. But what should i do after creating a child theme? I’d certainly appreciate some guidance after doing so 😀

    The url for my website is: http://www.cineramabc.com.br

    Thanks in advance, keep up the great work 😀



    So, Kenneth! I finally got some extra-time and started hunting for solutions for my issues 🙂

    1. Not solved

    1.1. Solved by installing a plugin that includes categories to pages, a few more code adds (which i’ve found in the same topic around here) made it work perfectly.

    1.1.1. Solved with a simple code in the CSS. Also found here in the forums.

    1.2. I believe i worked through this one solely using wp/graphene options 🙂

    1.3. I didn’t solve this one yet, still, i might use the same plugin i used at 1.1 to add categories and excerpts at the front page instead of posts or just find some other way around to deal with it;

    1.4. Best i could do was making a custom link in the menu and including the # thing, to link to nowhere, even looked after at wp.org, but didn’t find any solution to completely unlink parent menu pages (i just want to get rid of that handy thing!).

    1.5. I believe i worked through this one as well using only wp/graphene options 😀

    1.6. Solved after installing a plugin which allowed me to pick which widget would appear on each page:)

    You may check how it is looking visiting http://www.cineramabc.com.br

    I’d appreciate some help at 1. if it goes easy on you (really couldn’t find anything related around here) and 1.4

    Thanks in advance 😀



    For me.. 1.4 was probably the easiest and I’ve done this on sites of my own (If I am understanding it correctly)

    First you created the custom menu item and put in the # so you could create it; now you can go back in and edit it to remove the link “#” .. leaving that field blank and then update the menu and it will remain there as the parent but you won’t be able to click on it.. mouse over will of course pop-up the sub-menu to that parent..

    Bottom line you can’t leave that field blank to create it, but once created you can update it by going back in and deleting the link..


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you want two posts side-by-side, this can be accomplished in a child theme. You would need to include each one in its own <div> tag, and then style them appropriately.

    I’m working on something like this myself for another site, so I’m in the same boat.




    Oh, MrMatt, i couldn’t believe it was so simple! Yes, you totally nailed it! Thank you very much!

    Kenneth, i believe that i might give up on that idea and just find a way to replace posts in the frontpage to pages, which should be easy using the same resource i did for the slider, then i’ll find a way to include images to excerpts (there must be a plugin for that somewhere) and i’ll keep the frontpage balanced hopefully.

    But, please, whenever you achieve this work you’re doing let me know (:

    For the sake of search here is the list of plugins i installed to solve all the issues listed before:

    Flexible Widgets

    Map Categories to Pages

    PJW Page Excerpt



    I know its very strange… glad I was able to help.



    Yeah ^^

    To keep the forum organized i’ll set this topic as resolved (as it is) and create a new topic exclusively for the “display pages at front page” issue. So it gets a thread only for it since i didn’t find any in the forums.

    Thank you very much, both of you 😉


    Kenneth John Odle


    To keep the forum organized i’ll set this topic as resolved (as it is) and create a new topic exclusively for the “display pages at front page” issue. So it gets a thread only for it since i didn’t find any in the forums.

    And thank you for helping to keep things neat around here!


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