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    Its the site linked to my profile page to:



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    I installed WP e-commerce instead of Woo commerce and it works without problems (that is why you could not see the SHOP button)

    After a longer research on the forum I found that Graphene theme has some problems with Woo Commerce.

    With WP e-commerce I finished the shop and didnt have any problems.

    Thank you for the reply!


    Peter Alexander

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    Thanks for the codes, they work like a charm.

    I want to ask two more things if they could be done with css:

    I see in this ( ) web page that when you hover the nav menu text, it takes like half a second to change from white to red. Can I do that in graphene with css?

    Is there a way to bold or change the weight of the standard text in the nav menu with the custom css?


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    Ok, I`ll check that out.


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    I did a new search on the forum and there is nothing about this, can you help me?

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    Thanks for the informations, very useful!

    Can you please give me a solution for the second question, about the text from menu? It can not be changed from the graphene options.


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    Its a little tricky but it works. I put latin for all the fonts to make them work.

    I got two more things if you would like to help me:

    I have this custom CSS for the widgets:

    .sidebar-wrap {
    font-size: 12px;
    padding: 6px;
    .sidebar-wrap h3 {
    font-size: 14px;

    How can I add a command to change the font style to. Can I use one that I put in the font family box?

    And two:

    How can I change the text style for the menus – weight, style, size?


    Thank you

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    Thanks, that works!

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    There is a problem with my request?

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    Thank you, that worked perfectly!

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