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    I have installed the woo commerce plugin for wordpress with the graphene theme and it seems to work fine.

    The problem is that in the SHOP menu the widgets from the right side fall down under the products. I have verified and they have enough

    space. I expanded the container to the maximum width to verify and they still don`t come back.

    How can I solve this? It is possible with some custom CSS?

    Thank you!




    Hi there,

    I’m really sorry but I can’t find the “Shop’ page. Could you provide a link directly to that?






    I installed WP e-commerce instead of Woo commerce and it works without problems (that is why you could not see the SHOP button)

    After a longer research on the forum I found that Graphene theme has some problems with Woo Commerce.

    With WP e-commerce I finished the shop and didnt have any problems.

    Thank you for the reply!


    Peter Alexander

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