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    I used the graphene theme in the last year and is a succes. I builted a great website 🙂

    But I have a problem that I must solve. The site is in a language and the theme is still in english. Not a problem for me but for some of my pottential clients might pe unprofessional. I tried to change it via wordpress with the graphene pack for my language but the translation is not correct.

    The thing is that I have only a few words that I want to change and I thinked to go in to the html files and rewrite them in my language.

    I am not verry good at html programming or css, just basics. How can I find some of the phrases or words?

    The words are:

    – the button “Continue reading”

    – “Leave comment”

    All the widgets title:

    – Recent posts

    – Recent comments

    – Archives


    The phrases about copywright at the end of the theme

    my site is:

    Thank you!



    There is a problem with my request?



    See this post –

    There is a problem with my request?

    You need to be patient. We are all volunteers here. We answer questions whenever we have free time. This question has been answered several times before. Make use of search form next time.

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